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Seemingly overnight, the payments landscape has changed. Like many organizations, you have a significant number of employees suddenly working from home, creating new payment challenges for your organization.
IT needs to purchase laptops to deploy to remote employees. A contractor needs to buy materials or tools for a project. These and other business expenses are vital to sustaining smooth operations and could create a financial hardship for those that don’t have a corporate credit card.

You need a fast, efficient and easy way for your employees, contractors and external consultants to make business purchases and keep your operations moving. We created U.S. Bank Instant Card™ so you can extend corporate purchasing power to those who need it in your organization, anywhere, instantly.
How Instant Card works
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Instant Card features and benefits
Easy to set up. With just a few simple steps, you can send an Instant Card to anyone in your organization who needs it.
Simple to use. All it takes is a single click for the recipient to download the Instant Card into their Apple Wallet and use for in-store purchases. Recipients can also securely view full card details to make online purchases.
Instant access to funds. Funds are available for immediate use. There’s no need to wait or need for a physical card.
Maintain control and visibility. Set card limits and expiration dates to protect against fraud and misuse. Instant Card seamlessly integrates with U.S. Bank Access® Online so you can readily review transactions online.
Want to learn more about Instant Card?
Questions? We’ve got answers. We put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about U.S. Bank Instant Card. Still want to learn more? Make sure to check out our overview guide for additional product details as well as our popular articles below.

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