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Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)

Dedicated support and services

At U.S. Bank, we are committed to applying our experience and resources to assist you with accounting, custody, trustee, reporting (financial, regulatory and tax), and investment and disbursement services related to your SPAC. Our customized solutions integrate with your existing workflows to streamline processes, decrease turnaround times and improve the quality of investment and disbursement services.

Specialized SPAC services

Our talented professionals can provide a wide variety of support related to your SPAC. Our core services include:

  • Establishing a special purpose segregated trust account to hold SPAC proceeds
  • Holding, investing, and disbursing funds in accordance with trust agreement
  • Provide statements and secure online reporting of account holdings and activity
  • Maintaining investment books and records
  • Reconciling cash and transaction activity
  • Serving as custodian for cash balances
  • Preparing 10-Qs and 10-Ks
  • Reviewing and providing support for S-1s
  • Provide tax reporting

Superior trust account implementation

When you are ready to launch a SPAC, be sure to utilize our talented teams to gain the following benefits:
  • Experienced professionals with a history of success in capital markets transactions
  • Ability to hold large sums of money in a safe, stable environment
  • Accuracy and responsiveness in handling investment and disbursement upon direction
  • Experience in working directly with deal parties

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