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We’re here to help.

We are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at the local, national and global levels and are taking the necessary steps to help mitigate impacts to our customers and employees. If you need assistance with your Corporate Payment Systems programs, contact us.
What can you do?
There are actions you can take to help your organization mitigate impacts of COVID-19 to your payments program:
•    Increase credit limits and single purchase limits on specific accounts for a set period.
•    Temporarily allow purchases on certain MCC codes that may be of benefit (corporate card programs).
•    Closely monitor spend during this period.

Stay informed.

Learn how to spot a scammer.

People may try to take advantage of your fears of COVID-19 by:
•   Offering fake products and medical advice.
•   Creating fake charities.
•   Compelling you to click a fraudulent link to gain access to your device.

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